DIY Advent Calendar you can make at home

I am not going to sit here and pretend that I have actually completed the EXTENSIVE list of Christmas DIY’s that I had originally planned….

I actually haven’t even completed ONE….. NOT ONE.

Hubby thinks I may need to be rushed to the emergency department… Because let’s face it, every year I have a grand plan of all the Christmas crafts that I will be doing… AND every year… I COMPLETE them all…. ALL of them!!
And this year, well this year is different, I am a little more mellow (I haven’t even finished with my Christmas decor…. YEP. If I could do the shocked face emoji right now there would be a dozen of them).
This year I have spent time visiting family, cooking dinners with hubby, and chilling with my good friends The Hallmark Christmas movies.

Al while doing… Nothing else at all.

And I tell you, it’s scary just how relaxing it is to let Christmas just “happen”

But for all those who love a good DIY, and are a touch more motivated than I am right now….

Here are some beautiful DIY Advent calendars that are both easy (Yep, I really SHOULD do one) and won’t cost you a pretty penny.

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