DIY Pinecone Kissing ball – Christmas Decor that doesn’t break the bank

So it is about that time of year, when I take on WAYYYY to many DIY projects and never actually FINISH any of them.
Here is a simple, easy little project by crafts unleashed that I think even I will manage to finish.
  • Styrofoam ball  (can be purchased from spotlight)
  • Ribbon
  • Pinecones
  • Pine branches (or any branches from your garden)
  • Berry picks (can be purchased from spotlight)
How to:
  • For this Pinecone Kissing Ball, use a Styrofoam ball as the base, make a loop with brown satin ribbon, and attach it to top of the ball. Use the ribbon to tie a bow at the bottom.
  • Attach the pinecones, pine branches, and berry picks in no particular order, have a play (this one is hard to stuff up).
  • Hang this beauty anywhere your heart desires!

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