Aussie Country Living and loving

It is no secret… I am constantly torn between wanting to buy a house in the countryside, settle down, have kids, and work with my hands… A little bit of DIY, floral arrangements, and a whole lot of Interior design, or…. Moving to Canada, living in the snow, and having that countryside lifestyle in Canada.
Why Canada you ask?!? Australia is so beautiful!
I LOVE the snow! like am obsessed, not even so much the snowboarding, just being surrounded by big white trees, snowflakes falling down around you, the fireplace roaring, red wine by the fire.


The whole lot just pulls on my heartstrings, I don’t even mind the whole “shovelling the snow off the driveway, or having to warm up your car LONG before you go to work” side of things.
Its all part in parcel.


But, let’s be realistic… I would most likely get homesick, over the cold, and have to work a boring office job to keep a visa…
Thanks everyone for helping me make up my mind…23017818_03_x
I has been a longstanding battle, I tell ya! The hubby will be so grateful to you all!
So with all that ironed out, check out this dream countryside town
Laguna, NSW. Located inland, between Sydney and the Hunter Valley!
YEP you got it…. WINERIES I am set for life!
Cold in winter, warm in summer…. no more of this endless heat in Darwin!
Be right back folks… I am just packing up my house, the moving trucks are en route!

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