Belly Baskets… Exactly how are you meant to “actually” use them?!?

Lifes tough decisions….

How do you Belly Basket?


We all love a good soft shell/ hard shell taco debate….. but in our house, we have moved it to a topic a little closer to my heart…

Ok, let me be honest, the husband doesn’t really care how we use our belly baskets, I get the good old shoulder shrug “they both look good” I know right!!

As much as I would love to say…. Why can’t we have both?!? Truth is, we can’t always have both.

In this little debate, going round and round in my head… I am opting for practicality.

However, don’t believe a word I say… My choices may be overshadowed by the fact that I really struggle to keep a plant alive…

Happy Monday to our lovely little House of ELLROY family. X

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