NOT SURE HOW TO BRING SPRING INTO YOUR HOUSE? We have some top tips just for you!

I absolutely LOVE winter….  the soft throws, luxurious bedding, snuggling by a warm fire, and the wine, oh the RED, RED Wine (can anyone tell we are a tad winter deprived up here in the NT?).

But boy can I appreciate a little bit of that gorgeous spring decor as much as the next person.


The most common question we receive at this time of year is exactly how do you incorporate spring into your house without having to store all your winter goodies?

Let me be real with you, those fluffy throws, the thick super soft feather doona’s don’t have much use come spring/summer, so yes, in the storage they go!


But you just aren’t sure if you are ready to part with those luxurious winter colours?

The mustards, navy and deep greens? or maybe you are…. but don’t see the need to replace your decor at the change of every season…


I am a firm believer in not designing your house around the seasons and making yourself feel like you need to redecorate every 4-6 months.

Fill your home with things you love, objects that spark a memory, or make you smile. Your home should be a representation of you and your family…..

And hey, if you want to go a little spring crazy (I know, I know, it’s hard not too)….Dusty Pink/Mustard is my fav combo!



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