Don’t get me wrong…. I am a huge Kmart fan….

But be warned… this post may upset a few Kmart lovers!


When it comes to design, I am a firm believer in quality over quantity. I know you could buy 10 cushions for the price of one, but nothing beats curling up on the lounge leaning on a big soft plump cushion.

IDC_251 copyI don’t mean one of those 30cm x 30cm little poly filled cushions…

I am talking about BIG 50cm x 50cm pure cotton cushions WITH feather inserts!

EadieYep!! NOTHING beats that!

The beauty with Kmart is that it is so ON TREND, but this is both a beauty and a curse. When styling a house, your money is better spent on pieces that you truly love, that won’t go out of style in YOUR home. Yep… we know this can cost more, but that’s ok, you have all the time in the world!

Eadie 2

Our designer tip to you is….. DONT rush out and buy a bunch of soft furnishings and decor pieces that will end up hidden in the cupboard in 6 months or in next years garage sale.

Eadie 3Save your pretty pennies and buy the things you REALLY want, when you can!

You will love your home all the more for it!

-Heather – House of ELLROY. XX

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