Our TOP 5 COSIEST beds… and how to create the look in your home.

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Waking up in a bedroom that feels like you are in a resort is every girls dream… Ok, well maybe not every girls, or guys, but it sure is mine.

And we are going to share with you our TOP 5 cosy bedrooms, alongside our TOP 5 tips and tricks to achieving them yourself.

I Know you are all probably seeing $$$ signs flashing before your eyes, and your account emptying pretty darn quickly, but a beautiful home does not have to break the bank.

Tip 1. When it comes to patterns, keep it simple. Have you ever notices that the beds you just want to dive into all seem to have plain/block coloured quilt covers? Thats because a solid colour is more inviting than an quilt cover featuring a heavy pattern. We go to bed to let our minds and bodies rest, if you really LOVE bright/heavy patterns incorporate them with cushions or pillows to achieve an inviting, comfy look.

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Tip 2. The resort-like bedroom doesn’t just stop at the bed. Don’t forget about our little friends…. the CURTAINS, they will be your best friend on those mornings when you can’t bare waking up to the sun blinding in your eyes.

If you have structured blinds installed, opt to have sheer flowy curtains overtop to create a softer, more welcoming feel in your bedroom. And don’t forget to make sure the curtains gather on the ground just a touch.

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Tip 3. ONIONS HAVE LAYERS….. and so do cosy, comfy beds.

Don’t hold back. Layer, upon layer, upon layer! (you will thank us in winter when you are all snuggled up and warm). And if the other half interrogates you on the amount of cushions that end up on the floor…. just let them know you bought them so they could make their own bed right there…on the floor… 😉

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Tip 4. A touch of greenery goes a long way… Most people apply this to every other room in the house, and the poor old bedroom gets forgotten. Well we are here to tell you…. your day is 100% better when you wake up to the view of some fresh greenery.

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Tip 5. Floor rugs are THE BEST! Just do it… trust us. It’ll make a huge difference, especially if you don’t have carpet in your bedroom.

Happy Friday lovelies! Hope you all get the chance to have a sleep in and a snuggle in your own cosy dream bedroom this weekend.

-House of ELLROY. X

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