Patterned Tiles… And A designer secret.

Pinterest may be your go to website, you find that you always happen to have it open on your browser. Especially when building or renovating…. or you could be like us and just be down right dreaming 24/7.

Well… Pinterest is both a blessing and a curse. Your eyes are opened to these amazing designs that you never even thought possible.


You lack the confidence to try them in your own home.

Well we will let you in on a little design secret…. almost everything you do when it comes to design is a little scary, and we find it even more so when it’s for a client and the choices you are making are ones they will have to live with.

I know that’s probably not what you wanted to hear, but the moral to the story is… be bold. Chances are you aren’t going to like that boring old plain tile anyway, so why not go with the big bold patterned tile?

Chances are, you are going to be nervous and second guess your choices anyway. So again, why not go that big bold patterned tile that you can’t help re-pinning over and over again?

Our best advice is:

Choose a print that you love and then don’t look back.

It may be intimidating at first But trust us… YOU GOT THIS! 

Bathroom tile

Bathroom . Black tile 2

Bathroom . Black tile


tiled shower.jpg

Bubble bath with soap suds - vintage effect

Blue kitchen kicker tile.jpg

shower recess



pattern 1

pattern 2

tile patter .jpg

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